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Cavalírem nejen zvenčí

Kavalír, Cavalier, Gentleman, švihák……….nejrůznější definice krasavců, kteří ovšem mají své kouzlo i uvnitř. Tuto post bych ráda věnovala své krásné, pracovité, úspěšné sestřence Marii Vaškové a jejímu příteli Petru Solerovi, kteří vdechli život myšlence Kvalírství a kolem tohoto tématu založili

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Written school review vs. poor notes

Did you get the same questions from your friends and parents regarding your kids as first year schoolers? How is his school review? What are his marks? And I say……..Pardon? Why do you want to know his marks? What does

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Selection of the shool for Eduardo

Selection of the institution for Edie,  sound like easy task, but it is not actually, and WHY? Because we as parents are considering the fact, that the old school system is rigid, old, non functioning and does not give the

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How 13 years old boy educates us about the education trap

How Education should serve us to make us happy: If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come with anything original! SKR 8 crutial TLC´s (Therapeutical Lifestyle Changes) of Sir Ken Robinson: Exercise Diet and nutrition Time

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Who is my the best personal teacher?

My life personal teacher This post will be devoted to my son. Who is with me already one year. And during that time I realized how much he had changed me and how much I have learned about myself. “If

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Games for infants – musical instrument

Music, rhythm & blues Music and sounds are surrounding us since we are born and even before. Imagine how are we influenced by the heart beat of our moms, by their voice melody and internal peristaltic. All the internal processes

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Ongoing 11 month

11 months runs for 12 Yeah I do not know where the time goes but one more month passed and Edie entered his last month of his 1st year. For me is so exciting to be near by him and

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Project GiftED……….how to change the old not working education system

My dear friends I would like to share with you great blog and future project of my friend Melissa Greczy who started to run and collect ideas related to new way of parenting and educating our kids since early beginning

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Dunston Baby Language – What baby cry means?

“Baby Cry means Communication” Once I was wondering how I will handle the cry of my baby since I did not have any younger brother or sister and I have not been in a touch with young babies. That’s why

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