Ongoing 11 month

11 months runs for 12

Yeah I do not know where the time goes but one more month passed and Edie entered his last month of his 1st year. For me is so exciting to be near by him and being observing him on his life journey. He has done so many things and he has developed many skills during last 11 month.

But what is particularly new is as follows:

  • his weight 8,9 kg and hight is 74 cm
  • he is nicely waving during greeting time to everybody, everybody is so astonished and keep smiling and waving him back
  • he is clapping his palms and able to do hi5
  • he is still suffering of mamitis, as we called the big need for mom. It is curious but always when he is some time without me, he is calmly playing with somebody else or on his own, but it is enough to see me and he immediately starts to complain and run to me. Sometimes with smile but many times just as a need to be hugged and carrest.
  • his breastfeeding habits: I cut off his supply of mother milk so he is having exclusively only 2 round in a day, in the morning as breakfast cca 6am and before going to bed cca 8pm. I realized that it is not good for his dietary to give him more mother milk because afterwards he was not eating properly the food I prepared and also he was too used to breast. Also he was usually falling asleep while being fed which created him artificial sleeping time and he did not want to sleep at night properly.
  • His sleeping: finally he is sleeping whole night long! How we reached that point. Yes, we LET HIM CRY! I was already so tired, after 10 month of broken nights the past 3 weeks became more and more demanding. He was waking up 1,5-2 hours and was asking for being carried. I already cut of at 9 month to give him breast as calm down pacifier but it brought new issue. His constant waking up. And once I said: “Enough”! He has every needs satisfied now he is only being spoiled by us and our constant carriage. He can not sleep properly on his own and it is not good for him as well for us. So we hold our hand with Carlos and decided to hold on his cry and not to carry him. First night was terrible, he was standing in his crib and yelling and screaming to us. We did not move, we did not talk, we were nearly not breathing just holding our hands . I do not know how long it took but he stopped after a while (cca 10-20 min). He repeated this process 3 more times at night but always calmed down after a while. And in the end he fall asleep on his own. The second night was a bit better, he did not cry that desperately and  was falling asleep faster. Third night already slept through and woke up only once for short time. After the week he is falling a sleep about 8 – 8:30pm and waking up for his drink at 5:30 -6 am. He usually drinks and afterwards he falls a sleep with me again. He is very active whole day, smiling, playing and being happy. He takes 2 naps a day. One in the morning after the breakfast about 10-11 am and than in the afternoon about 3pm, sometimes later.
  • What Edie eats: now basically everything. I try to give him everything what we eat, of course that some things he can not chew so he is spilling it out but at least he is trying its taste.  He started to love papaya, which he did not like before. He loves yogurt with compotas (presnidavka, fruit jars), he likes chicken, creamy soups, melon, bananas, potato pure and brad with ham and cheese. He enjoys to drink mother milk and tap water mostly. He drinks about 400-600ml in a day. He is also eating basic finger food on his own like fruits and I try to give him drink also from glass or plastic bottle to let him learn how it feels and works.
  • He has his third and fourth upper tooth. And it is not comfortable for feeding. I discover it while I was breastfeeding him.
  • He loves to play, I try to show him different instruments and now I am trying to learn to play guitar to be able to teach him in the future. I know first song (3 piggies from Nohavica). He loves to dance also. Always when he hears music he calms down and usually start to move his hips. It is very funny to observe him. He is catching ball and through him back. He loves bottoms on mobile phone and PC in general.
  • He is also more and more manually skillful so he is bale to switch light on and off, able to whisle, clap his hands, wave. He is unfortunately able to open top from toilet and since he loves water he keeps playing in the full tank 🙂
  • He is very happy with other people, he likes to be the center of attention and if he can play with people and other kids he is very happy. But of course mum has to be close by. Than he is smiling, laughing and sending kisses.
  • many people said that he is very beautiful and long. He looks long and he is wearing clothes of 12 month and more, although he is still considered as young.
  • he is very smart and he is already trying us. He was already punished by slapping his hands when putting them into the electricity plugs or touching big frame with painting which could have fallen on him. He knows now and always when he tries to do it again he looks at us with his face like is somebody watching or can I do my sin 🙂 and it is enough to remind him by raising a bit our voice. Not to shout just telling his name and reminding him.
  • He has also developed sense of self protection. He can recognize that he is up the stairs or on the bed. When he reaches the border he start to shout and call for help. He never crawl or jump down on his own. He knows after falling that it is dangerous and he can harm himself.
  • He is very smart and started to abuse out goodness so we needed to show him that there are some limits. He is in time when we need to say also NO and when he need to understand that he can not do everything he wants. He always cries but he starts to get a point. Now is the time of creating the good patterns in his head. We do not want spoiled kid! The theories say that till the age of 1 you can not spoil your baby, but you can create bad habit, and it is very easy. Kids are great manipulators!
  • He is healthy and strong child. Do not suffer from sicknesses now. He is tasting most of the things which he founds on the street or in the park. He probably tried all different leaves from the garden and also bit of soil and other stuff. I will never be fast enough to avoid this. But on the other hand now he is creating his immunity system, so I can only wish him “Enjoy your meal!” 🙂

Edie is in general very lovely, very demanding for attention and that’s why I keep constantly learning new things and creating new activities to keep him busy and not board. It is also important for me that he keeps my brain running! Unfortunately when he wants something he starts to yell out so we try to unlearn him this pattern. Not easy at all, but worth to try.

During his 11 monthary we visited beach side and he had opportunity to dance his first beach samba on the beach so just have a look and dance and celebrate with us 🙂

Picture galerry

Edie was also trying hard to fill his pool with sand, he had two supporters watching him 🙂

Advice of the day: Enjoy the time with your infants, because time flies and they will not be little anymoooooreeee!


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Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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2 comments on “Ongoing 11 month
  1. Pavča says:

    ahoj Zlati, musím ten tvůj blog někdy pořádně projít. Zatím jsem přečetla jen nějaké kousky…a je to supeeer. Neuvěřitelně z toho textu srší energie, spokojenost a láska. Fakt nádhera 🙂 A moooc Ti to sluší na tom surfu 😉 Měj se dál tak krásně jako doteď. Paaaa. Moc pozdravuju. Pavča

    • zlatavaskova says:

      Ahoj Pavci,

      moc dekuji za tak krasna slova. Jsem rada, ze to tak citis. Protoze opravdu pisi kazdy clanek od srdce a s energii me vlastni 🙂 Jsem take rada, kdyz dostanu coment, ktery me podpori jako tvuj, protoze pak citim jeste vetsi energii pro psani a to je dulezity 🙂

      Diky za napsani, ……….jo a na surfu to bylo super. Spalila jsem se sice jako prase, nemohla jsem si sednout pul tydne a kojila jsem jen na pravem boku, ale jako zazitek to bylo super a jsem rada, ze jsem si nasla sport, ktery mi tak trosku nahrazuje lyzovani, ktere mi tu chybi. Ale zima ta mi fakt nechybi, je tu porad krasne, slunicko……..ale uf uz za chvili jedeme domu. Uz 16.4. budeme v CR. Pul roku je v haji, malej vyrostl, skoro chodi, slynta porad a ja mam o par sedivych vlasu vice, ale s haldou zazitku a spoustu slunecni energie v srdci.

      Posilam velkou pusu a jak budes mit cas, tak urcite pis a cti. A co se ti bude libit, tak mi dej vedet. Vzdy se potesim komunikaci se svymi ctenari.


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