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More games and inspiration

My dear parents friends. I have been searching more for more games either online or simple interactive to play and educate our darlings. And since Edie is now 10 month turning this week 11 month I will present games suitable for his age.

I found different webpages wort to be presented here:

I got inspired by the web page of Angela England:

  • Fun Foot Baby Games – This great baby game idea came from Jackie Silberg’s “Games to Play with Babies” and is a fun toe game to play. Sing the following to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and rub or wiggle each toe in turn as you sing through the song.

“Rub, rub, toe, toe, rub, rub, toe.

Rub, rub, toe, toe, rub, rub, toe”

Warning: Your baby may enjoy this game so much you will be sick of the song far before he is!

  • Hand Baby Games – Another bath-time game, this one uses a small washcloth or sponge for your baby to play with. Let him hold one sponge while you hold another and teach him his body parts, washing himself. Ask your baby, “Do you want to wash your belly?” and then help him wash his belly. Either play matching games by washing his belly first and then encourage him to do the same, or later, ask the question and encourage him to respond correctly on his own.
  • Voice Game Fun – Baby word games now take on more importance as your baby becomes an expert at communicating her desires and observations about the world around her. Most babies can learn basic words and baby signs by this age and use them with ease. Explore the idea of playing baby sign language games with your baby – always saying the words and doing the motions at the same time. Remember, the more you respond to your baby’s communication attempts the quicker she will learn new words.
  • Movement Baby Games – Daddy-jungle-gyms are a favorite baby game. Lay on the floor on your back and let your baby come and jump on your chest. Try sitting him on your feet and lifting him up into the air. You can hold his chest or arms and he can grasp your legs to make this game safe.
  • Baby Sounds Games – Babies love to make noises and explore musical instruments so play lots of music games. Musical instruments can be store bought or homemade but place some “drums” on the floor and show your baby how hitting them can create different sounds! What a fun game!
  • Floor Time Baby Games – Blanket games can be fun at this age as your baby is confident enough and physical enough to play safely (Newborns should never be left unsupervised with thick comforters or heavy blankets that can smother them in their sleep). Lay on the floor with your baby and cover yourself completely with the blanket. Let your baby find you and shout “Peek-A-Boo” or “Gotcha!” when they uncover you. Then toss the blanket lightly over her and let her uncover herself (you may need to help her the first few times) and watch how delighted she is at this hide-and-seek game.
  • Singing Baby Games – Another fun bath-time song, this one is to the tune of “Here we Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush” and can be used to clean your baby from head to toe. “This is the way we wash our legs, wash our legs, wash our legs. This is the way we wash our legs to make ourselves so clean.” Repeat the song changing the words with each verse until you’ve cleaned your baby completely! See additional tips for music and babies.

And a bit of poetry for obtaining new English words:

Baby Animal Names
by Stacy Mantle

Baby cats are called kittens
Baby bears are called cubs
Baby dogs are called puppies
A pigeon’s a squab!

A girl horse is a filly
A boy horse is a colt.
A possum’s a joey.
A chicken’s a poult!

A penguin’s a fledgling
A reindeer’s a fawn
A turtle is a chicken
It makes no sense at all!

An ant is an antling
A goat is a kid
A bird is a nestling,
A muskrat, a kit!

A kangaroo’s Joey
A louse is a nit.
A toad is a tadpole,
And a mink is a kit!

An eagle’s an eaglet.
An eel is a fry.
A fly is a maggot.
And a fish is a fry!

And what have we learned
From all these words today?
That if you’re a boy
Then a boy you’ll surely stay

I hope that you enjoyed learning and we will give our kids the best from all what I have found 🙂


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