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Travelling Diary – Czech Switzerland, Ceske Svycarsko

And again travelling, me, Carlos and kids went to the Czech Switzerland. It is beautiful natural park in the northern part of Bohemia. This year we could call our holidays as ROCK HUNTING, since we are exploring the beauty of

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Family trip to Krkonose (Giant mountains)

Dar friend, family and followers, let me give you some hint for not only family holiday in our beautiful mountain area Krkonoše (Giant mountains). We have spend great week up north and I truly believe that this was amazing time

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15-16 month report

15th and 16th month story of Edies diary Today I will speak generally about the biggest improvements and changed which have happened in Edie’s life. You know as 1st time parent you are always surprised by your child. And because

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Baby food in Venezuela – how to travel without pre-prepared jar vegetables

Story of one carrot in the jar 🙂 I would love to tell you that even I have been asking many questions before coming to Venezuela. I have never thought that something basic like is jar vegetables would be an

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Did you forget scarf or carrier for your baby at home……there is simple tip to replace it

Hi dears,  last time I was writing a bit about travelling and how important is to be prepared for your journey. But we will never be prepared for everything I guess or sometimes I am carrying too many things at

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Travelling with kids (infant) is exciting but you have to be prepared :)

Travellig…………my desire and personal passion 🙂 I love travellig and nothing can stop me from this. I remember when I was pregnant I thought that I will not be able to travel at least first 3-4 months. That to go

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