Loose breeast does not mean lack of milk

Loose breast does not mean worries

I got a question few days ago while speaking with my friend. She got a baby girl and she is living similar things as I experienced. And since she asked me few questions I have been worried about before also I decided to tell you about that and protect you from worries.

breastShe started to breastfeed and after the beginning problems of little injuries on nipples and over swollen breast because of huge production of milk she got a new feeling. Her breast was becoming loose and she started to be worry that she will not have enough milk. It was about 3 weeks after her girl was born. But do not worry about this new condition. Now I know that but in that time there were running many thoughts in my head. And the firs one was, Oh my God I am loosing milk. …………..But not really.

It is just natural development of the milk production. Because moms body is getting used to. From colostrum (firs yellowish milk) is becoming “normal milk” and it does not create that big tensions in the breast anymore like before. In my case I even did not have any leakages of milk while I was not breastfeeding so I did not have to wear special pads in the bra, so my worries were even bigger. But as I said the tensions in the breast will become lover after first few weeks and it does not mean that we would be loosing milk.

Important is to check 2 things:

  1. baby is happy when you finished feeding, it is not crying because of hunger
  2. the weekly wait gain should be from 150-300g

If those two conditions are met, there is no worry on the place 🙂

There are big changes happening in the women body just have a look on the picture, so do not worry about that. Your baby is the best mark of your milk production. My husband few times called our son as “milk bag”  🙂 which is true picture of his proper diet.


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