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Project GiftED……….how to change the old not working education system

My dear friends I would like to share with you great blog and future project of my friend Melissa Greczy who started to run and collect ideas related to new way of parenting and educating our kids since early beginning

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10 reasons why to breastfeed……….and there are thousand of other reasons

Hi dears,  I decided to write one of the many posts on breastfeeding, because I found how much underestimated is nursing still from practical point of view. I think that I do not have to mention here that nursing has

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Babies grow soooo fast……………on the way to independency

  3 Months………….TIME FLYES I would never think how much can time fly, but now I start to understand all parents and even grandparents which said me not only once………..jooooo once you will have your own family  the time will fly

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Crying baby…….how to manage this problem!

Dear friends,  I bet that those who has fresher at home might experienced crying marathon of your baby. Either because it was getting used to the environment as newborn or it just suffers from colic. One or the another case

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How to choose a good trolley…… from life:)

Dear parents,  I believe that you are preparing yourself for arrival of your baby that little sunchine which will make your life brighter and happier. As I am new mom for about 3 month now I would like to share

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Attached parenting………Do you know what it means?

Holaaaaaaa dear friends and parents I have just passed two very crying days of my son. He is turning 3 months and it seems to be that he has common colic period again present. What to do….it is not topic

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Did you forget scarf or carrier for your baby at home……there is simple tip to replace it

Hi dears,  last time I was writing a bit about travelling and how important is to be prepared for your journey. But we will never be prepared for everything I guess or sometimes I am carrying too many things at

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Travelling with kids (infant) is exciting but you have to be prepared :)

Travellig…………my desire and personal passion 🙂 I love travellig and nothing can stop me from this. I remember when I was pregnant I thought that I will not be able to travel at least first 3-4 months. That to go

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Mother’s day

Today is such a beautiful day, it is not only because sky is blue like from paintings and sun is shining. This day is really special for special women……….because it is MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I was just wondering what makes

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Breastfeeding (nursing) tips

My dear friends, today I would like to share some ideas and also learnings which I got after two months of nursing. Sometimes I had doubts whether I have enough milk, because my darling was crying more and I did

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