Edie and his 2nd Bday

2nd B-day of Edie

You can beleive me or not, but it is really here. 24 months passed since he was born and the date 23. february 2009 will be forever written in our hearts like the day of his birth. And since this year we are writing 2011 into our calendars, Eide reached his 2nd B-day.


I will share a bit statistics just to show his development but later I would like to write more about his soul and behavior.

Statistical measures:

  • His height: 85 cm
  • His weight: 12,1 Kg
  • Size of the clothes:96-104
  • Size of his shoes: number 25
  • What he can do on his own:
  • Eat by spoon, fork, cut with scissors, cut with sharp knife, drink from cup even 0,5 l big
  • He can dress his socks, sometimes trousers, shoes and home shoes
  • He can smash the egg, he can smash the potato with mixer, he can prepare egg bread
  • He knows how to walk the stairs up and down, he can manage even without holding the side holder
  • he can climb the ladder, even very steep, he loves to climb up and down different things anyway, to ride mum as horsie, be carried on my back or shoulder and be riding his little motorbike.
  • He is smart, he puts chair or little stairs everywhere where he can not reach, to be able to hit the place and all the things he wants, he manages to open doors, so there is no more privacy for us because of his new skills
  • Now we are trying to get rid of diapers, he was used to pee into the little cup while being in the bath top he never peed insight. He is very clean and neet, He prefers to clean his hands by napkins and eat by spoon, rather then by hands (depends on the mood :0) While ge goes to pee he needs to pee as real man, standing……there is no way for him to sit on the potty, he does not like it. Contrary he loves his poo. He des not want to tell me when he need to do poo. So he used to hide himself and waits until the crime is done and mum discover him smelling like hell, then he likes to share. So this will take some time, but he is learning nicely.

And now more about him, his loves, thoughts, behavior patterns:

  • Edie loves to be hugged and kissed and when we are playing with him. He is very huggable and he used to kisses us. Say bye bye, hi, thank you and please. He is very helpful. sometimes too much but it is natural. He want to see everything, try everything and taste everything. Contrary he is very careful while being in the heights. He will never go down on his own if he does not feel, up YES but down not that much.
  • He loves people. Now it is more visible. Because if there is somebody who is playing with him, paying attention and explaining new things, he immediately goes and gives him back love, by kissing him, hugging him and showing his symphaty. He love to play with little cubics, he is able to be putting them together and separate them for hours. he loves to read and go through books. Since we do not have TV at home, I mean working TV he used to watch fairytales with me on PC from youtube. com. So when he sees my laptop he is asking for Krtecek a car story (little more and car). he loves this one, he is able to watch for long time one series by another one. Thas why i let him just few for few min per day in the afternoon before going to the bed.
  • He loves to play with different buttons and wheels and testing how the things works, how people behave. He tries to provoke also, especially while being tired. He is also imitating me while I am putting make-up, or eyelash or lipstick. It is so funny to see him to repeat all my steps.
  • And even sometimes he is nervous, not listening, even I can say hundred times one think and then i have to punish him because he is not listening me. he tries hard to behave nicely and follow my advices. He loves to learn new things so he is kind observer. And since loves to see how the different things works, he is able to be patient too.
  • He is recognizing already that I am pregnant and he is nicely behaving to the belly brother Carlito. He used to kisses me and hugs my belly. He is very sensitive if I am crying and I can feel from him that he understands that it means some pain and uncomfort. In that moment he tris to come, to hug me and make me smile by doing something funny. He loves to lear funkie junkie stuff, especially what his grandfather is teaching him (like putting his tongue back with his fingers, he is teaching him wrongly how does animals etc.)
  • He loves musical instruments, music as such also doing it and dancing. He like to turn on and off the radio, at least hundred times if he starts and like to ask me for “lala” music if we are in the car travelling. I prefer to sing him if possible and he tries to repeat. If there is some song he likes he tries to dance on it. He also loves to be turning around until he is falling constantly and his head is turning while letting me say typical poems for it “Kolo kolo mlynsky, za 4 rynksy, kolo se nam polamalo, mnoho skody nadelalo, udelalo bac” and i have to say this poem at least 20 times in a row to make him happy and turning and falling 🙂

You know there are hundred of stories which can be said about him, since his life is full of activities. I will just mention his 2nd B-day celebration. We spend nice time in cafe Manner in Brno. Where we were with another 2 little friends Pepa from Ivanka 6 month, and Filipek from Hanicka 5 months. Rest of the friends of his age did not come since they were sick………jojo february and time of cold, flues and different kids sicknesses. But adults which were there were so nicely playing with him and makind fun, crawling on their fourth that he was obviously happy, our star of the night. You can see the pictures form the celebration here: Edies 2-Bday party .

Edie and his friends time:

Edie and Tomisek

Edie and Tomašek a Lili



Edie and Terazka

Edie and family, animals etc.

I have also more videos which I would like to put here, but there are in my phone. i will try to upload them for you here later. now I will the end and put one nice czech saying by Mr. Werich

Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl,

a když kouká aby byl a je, tak má bejt to co je a nemá bejt to to není,

jak tomu v mnoha případech je!



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Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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2 comments on “Edie and his 2nd Bday
  1. Hiromi says:

    A photo Edie’s kissing doggy is sooo lovely! He can walk and even climb up a ladder… 😮 Amazing…! Can’t wait for my baby’s starting to walk.

    • zlatavaskova says:

      Cao Hiromi, thanks for message…..yeah he is very lovely and starts to talk a lot. And he loves our cartoons krtecek (little mole), you should see it also. Our country is creator of many cartoon fairytales for kids. I know that Japan too, but we have different stories.

      I hope that you are fine, with all this natural troubles, earthquake, tsunami, lack of electricity……we are watching news and just wondering what the nature is doing…… unbelievable.

      Takze care and let us know if everything is fine with your family.

      Hugs and hope that your little one will be soon as active as Edie……then you will be telling……nooooo no more 🙂 you will see 🙂

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