7 month report

Huraiii, 7 monthary is here 😉

You will not believe me, I did not believe myself also, but when I looked into the calendar I realised that Edie reached his 7 month.

I will write just breafly today because as he grown up he is more and more demanding for attention, love and play.

So which improvements happened and what have changed and it is new:

  • He started to eat, little by little we started with vegetable. I think he is getting quite well, he has his lunch every day in more or less same time. He likes his new food given by spoon. His favourites is carrot with beat root and pumpkin Hokaido, because it is sweet. Kids love sweet so I try to find some vegetable witch is sweet and I do not have to put into his foot any sweeteners and also salt.
  • He improved with catching. He is able to catch nearly everything what is wound him. A situation became more alarming, because it is no problem for him to grasp plate from table, glass which I am drinking from or any object on the way. So our kitchen flower is nearly without leaves already, and little animals such as kittens and little dogs are without hair :). If we practise he is also able to catch a baal thrown against him.
  • Edie got used to animals. He loves dogs. He would love to play with them all day long. Although his senses are not that developed yet so he is restlessly pulling their hair, ears and his caresing style can be introduced as punching style. But our animals are lovely and patient so they hold for his fun. We try to teach him to be soft and tender with them so always when they lick his hand he start to laugh very much and he is grateful for their patiency.
  • He had improved also his vision, he is able to see himself in the mirror from far behind. We can be standing more than 3 metres far and he will find his picture in there. He also loves to observe moving leaves on the tree, grass on the ground in the park and everything what is moving.
  • He had improved also his moving skills. Now he is comfortably standing on his four. He is able to turn both sides and while I am holding him he started to dance “regeton” and “him hop”.
  • He is very loud. His voice is reaching high peach easily. If he wants something he is able to scream very well. We try to teach him not to scream like that is he wants something but he does not understand yet much. But at least we are not running after him immediately if he does that. Although he is able to tell us when he need on toilet by his specific shout, if he is hungry or sleepy.
  • Daily routine and Sleeping is another story. He got definately used to to go to bed around 8-9, after bathing at 7. I feed him before bathing. I wanted to give him time to burp, to pee and digest a bit his dinner before going to bed. He is still not fighting with sleeping. And everyday is different, depending how many activities he had lived during the day. If we were most of the day out and playing he is more tired and he does not cry before sleeping. If we had less active day he usually cry less than 10 min and than he falls asleep.He used to wake up around 5:30 and 6. He does not have weekends program so I have to wake up with him 🙂 to let dady sleep a bit longer.
  • His social skills are improved also. When he see somebody smiling at him he smiles back. He is very social person and love people around him. He hates to be alone. He started to recognise also strangers and home people. He likes women very much. In their arms he is happy and not crying in men arms it depends 🙂 He usually gets used to new people fast if they hold trying to be close with him.
  • He had his first virus illness. He got Exanthema subithum. He had 40 C fever and rush all over his body, not legs only little arms. But he lived that very well.
  • I am still breastfeeding, I feel that I have a bit less milk but still sufficient enough for him as I see. When I was with him at  a regular monthly paediatrician check he had 7,9 Kg and 67 cm.
  • Edie also received visit. His aunt Ebru with his uncle Dohan from Turkey where here. He also traveled with them and us to Prague. His first bigger trip. He has to get used to because soon he will travel to Venezuela.

I will add some videos and pictures also that you can see how lovely boy he is. Many people say that he is the cutes baby they have ever had. I am very proud mum and I hope that our love and patience will bring fruit in the future 🙂

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