Edie and his 22-23 month report

Almost 2 years anniversary

I want to wrap up Eide the most biggest improvements and also share with you some fun stories, because there are planty of things happening and I could be writing each day some story and I should as good mom. But I have to confess, there is not much time left, after I work, after I play and teach Edie and have some time for myself. So at least what I am living with Edie on daily basis and I do remember.

His vocabulary:

In general he improved a lot in all spheres. He got to the point, that he started to repeat nearly all the words of mine like monkey. If he want he tries to repeat everything what I said. But he mumbles it in his way. But words which he is using on everyday basis are mostly Czech, so for non czech speakers to understand I will explain also in English.

  1. Bobo – bobecek (poo)
  2. čuri čuri – curani (to pee)
  3. pití = drink
  4. mliško – mléko (milk)
  5. hačí
  6. hají
  7. pače – pláče
  8. bebe – bolístka, bebínko
  9. bum – he hit hymself
  10. gatě -kalhoty
  11. papapu – papučky
  12. ham ham – jídlo
  13. čihy – stříhat
  14. brrrrr = tudí – studět (something is being cold)
  15. pájí – pálet (smth. is being hot)
  16. čau – bye bye
  17. today he said bye bye to Daria, while she was leaving our home
  18. ouko – oko (eye)
  19. brm brm = auto (car)
  20. haf haf  = pes (dog)
  21. pipipi = pták (bird)
  22. myš = mouse
  23. čiči = kočka (cat)
  24. hapy hapy – hopsat (to jump on my back and to be riding me)
  25. procim procim = prosím (please)
  26. miško = mléko
  27. hepa hepa = arepa (special Venezuela corn pancake) = he also makes the movements with his hands like if you are doing them
  28. babi – babička (grandma)
  29. tati = táta (dad)
  30. mami = máma (mother)
  31. Edu = Eduardo (he is pointing himself)
  32. He can easily recognize who is who in family and he is pointing to the members of family including himself.

The conversation we had and I had to laugh a lot:

Edie was a bit tired and he did not want to eat something and was complaining a bit. Than he started to cry a bit and said:

Edie: pače! (is crying)

Me: Who is crying?

Edie: Ouko!

Me: Who’s oko is crying?

Edie: bebe! And pointed to his burned finger 🙂

We had to really laugh with my mum, we were surprised that he is able to react that nicely, even not every time it makes total sence 🙂

Another funny story which happened was that he burned his fingers and part of the palm. But the question is how? He loves to be cooking with me, so I taught him how to switch the owen and also cooker. So as he was used to he went to the kitchen and when Carlos was taking care of him and that time was talking to some customers Edie went straight to the owen, started it up and put his home shoes insight. After some time he saw that they are well done and they started to smell eve, so he wanted to take them out. He opened the owen and took them out. But they were hot and he got surprised and he touched the iron plate insight and ogt burned. His reaction was not scandalous. He was not crying like crazy even though he was burned. He just said: Pááááájíííí (it is being hot) and he was showing his burned hand to Carlos. When I came home the first think he did was that he came and started to explain me by showing his hand and the owen what happened and it was easy to understand. I hope that this learning will give him the best school of life about owen being hot and that he SHOULD NOT TOUCH IT AGAIN. As we were telling him 100 times before! So his homes shoes were well done together with his hand 🙂

His skills:

  • he can put his sox and partially his pans
  • he can eat on his own, no problem if he wants, if he like something a lot, he is using his hands
  • he is drinking from the cup, sometimes he spills, but for example milk, he does not spill anything because he loves it
  • he can cut paper with small and big scissors
  • he can put the can put his home shoes and also outdoor shoes
  • he can put his mittens and cup
  • He is very clean boy = after the eating he need to use the paper napkin to clean his dirty hand and mouth, also if he feels during the eating that he gets dirty and he need to take a cup and drink. He is also peeing into his blue cup rather than to the bathtub where  he is having bath. He is also used to to pee as a guy, he does not like to sit and pee. Although so far he like to do poo into his diaper. He always hides himself and does what he need 🙂 and then he just comes and said bak bak or bobo and I know and smell too :)!

What he loves to do:

  • participate in everyday activities
  • cooking = he can already smash eggs, scramble them, so he is ready to prepare egg bread, mix anything in the pot = he also understands the connections. For example if I finish cooking the potatoes, he goes and gives me the machine for doing potato puree, or if we are cooking pasta he knows that in the end he has to use the colander to extract the water. Also if I need to open the can he automatically passes me the can opener.
  • cleaning = he loves to play with water when I am washing dishes and also vacuum cleaning, he is riding the vacuum  cleaner and if I ut him special extension he is vacuum cleaning
  • sweeping the floor = with broom and shuffle
  • hanging the clothes
  • sorting clothes and passing things between people
  • he loves to observe the workers = painters, electicians, in general manufacturers = his granddad bought him already some toys like saw, meter etc. He loves also real tools like drill, spikes etc. he is carefully observing what is hapenning

It is almost unbelievable for me how many things changed in last two month. I would say that mainly he gained more awareness about himself, he started to connect more things and started to get the connecting in between activities, things and tools, his surrounding. His talking and expressions became also much better. He is sharing things at least with other kids, if not with me. He is rather teasing me 🙂 If he wants he perfectly understand everything I am asking him. To trash thing, to sort out the things. He is still very organized and he is putting tools and his toys on the exact place where they should be or we seted up. Even he took long broom when we were playing on the ground, he picked some dirt from it and showed me that I should swept the floor arond us, because it is dirty! Imagine that!

He is also going out of his bed easily, so every morning he goies out to kiss me and wake me up. lates at 7am. He sleeps also only once in the afternoon after lunch. But it is fine. He also likes to brush his teeth and does routines every morning and night.

His schedule is simply like this:

From Monday to Thursday (on Friday he is not going to kinder so we can enjoy whole day together:

  • we wake up at 6.30 am, bathroom, brush our teeth and pee like a man
  • get dressed and have a breakfast
  • after I take Edie to kinder where he is playing with kids and finishes at cca 12.15 pm
  • After we are together, doing creative things, daily activities an everything what is needed
  • He has snack time at 3, 5pm and from 6-7 we are cooking, then bathing and going to bed
  • He used to sleep whole night, only bad dream or thirst is waking him up, but it is enough to caress him and he continues sleeping.

I hope that you enjoyed the “short story” I wil also put some pictures and videos afterwards. But now I am just thinking that he is growing such fast that I still see him as little baby and he will turn soon 2 years. That is exactly what I thought as teenager that I will never say. But with new experience I start to understand life proven phrases and that you can not avoid them. Edie is just amazing child, he used to share with his friends, more than with mom, he is rather teasing me. He used to go out of his bad in the morning, he kisses me and our days starts. So I am having very lovely time with him, demanding but lovely and that is probably what parenting is about! To enjoy your life together and learn from each other!



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