2 month with Carlicek and 28 month with Edie

2 months new story and 2 years and 4 months continuation

Most of you my dear friends who are readers of my blog knows, that we have our new angel among us. And most of you will now believe me, that it is already 2 months since he was born. Imagine that….time flies and now having two sons I feel it even more 🙂

But I will not bother much this time by my phylosophical introductory thoughts and will go immediately into the point.

So how was Carlito second month of his life:

  • he started with weight of 4,5 kg and now he put 1,3 kg more….uff he start to be heavy and with nice and sweet Michelines on his legs 🙂 I call him full fat baby because I have probably full fat milk as I can see.
  • He grown also, he was 56 cm long and now he is (we have to go for check up still, so I will tell you soon) 🙂
  • He is very smily baby, compare to Edie, he cries only when there is something serious happening in his life, gasses, hunger or he is sleepy
  • He is curious, that is something common in our family I guess, so he wants to be carried rather than to stay in his bed or in the trolley….he loves the carrier like Eide did, so I have back my baby infront of me..not in the belly but on the belly 🙂
  • He is though calmer, that is for sure, he can be also on his own some time, just lying in the sofa, next to me, observing things around….something nice to see, that he is silently curious…….yessss I can also work a bit 🙂
  • How is he sleeping: nicely, he used to stay much more in his cradle, which is great, because Edie he did not like it much and he was most of the time in our bed. So at least work of my dad while creating cradle is worth it now.
  • Carlicek was travelling with us everywhere so far. He likes that thought same as Edie he does not like the car seat, so I used to have to carry him or feed him during our car ride…not comfortable, but I got trained already, so nothing new :)…..there is something curious on our babies like Carlos said, both does not enjoy this car seat, both start to cry in it and does not want to fall asleep. Totally reverse effect than kids used to have. I believe that this will be until the time he will sit and could see outside, like Edie, since that time he likes to go by car…so lets see….so far, feeding and not allowed carrying baby.
  • Carlicek also very nicely holds his had, he is strong baby and even sometimes he tries to push himself forward, so I even got afraid that he will start to crawl soon……..Eide would be happy
  • He is wearing clothes in the size of 62-68, so he is growing fast…..uffff
  • He is not luckily too fragile, otherwise he will not survive his brother, he does not get scared if Edie is jumping around him, if he plays with him hide and seek and pulls his legs or hand. He is happy to observe his active sometimes crazy brother.
  • The think I enjoy the most is that they love each other. I hope that we are supporting their feelings for each other also for the future.
  • And here you can see much more pictures form Carlito second month life

And because there is not any more story just of one guy I will put now few things about Eide too:

Edie has grown a lot

  • He is speaking quite nicely in his kids language, he is mixing czech and spanish words, in a way he likes that
  • Czech and Spanish favourite wocabulary: bakan (bagr), bum bac, paaa ven salia (let go out, salir-leave), snek-caracol (snale), jahudky, bindak-bib, papapu-snickers, moto, bussss, auto, pohadky, krtecek, kralik -koheno (corrrecly is conejo-rabbit), mariposa-motyl (buterfly), kubeda-had (corretly is culebra – snake), oria-mrkev (corretly is zanahoria-carrot), bambuky – brambory (potatoes), gate -pantalones(pans), pina (diaper), stul, velky stul (big table)……..and many other words, he is grasping every day something new. And he is making already some stories, like bum bac, spadnul, plakal, oko. Carlicek place (carlito is crying) etc.
  • He is making mistake with nahuru (up) and dolu (down) – using it wise versa
  • He started to recognize colours, green (verde, zelena), modra -azul(blue), cervena-roho (red)
  • He understand basically everything, the question is what he wants to understand more than what he can 🙂
  • He is terribly active, he needs to spend lot of energy outside, at least 3 and more hours per day, especially now when there is good hot weather outside
  • He is very skillful to be overcoming any obstacle, he love to climb and discover new places
  • Last time he was cca 13Kg and 96 cm long
  • Also he had his first histerical incident on the sand yard with me, it was on 13.6. and I will remember very well forever I think. I just asked him to go home and  we had to leave, so he started to cry, lye down on the sand yard and did not want to leave at all. So I had to drag him and was pulling him after me. So all the mums were looking at me like at some herodes mum, because he was hysterical crying and I just kept going out. No motivation even Krtecek did not work. And even in the tram he was still crying until we got home. My mom just said: It reminds me somebody…..hehe just some her memories for my childhood. So basically I even can not be angry of him, since he has my energy.
  • And Edie loves to play with cubicles, so thanks Good Carlos is great constructor and has great immagination, so they are building together, here is their LEGO album

I think that most will say the pictures and videos I tried to make in time to be able to track my guys, so by albus which is in picassa web you will see the most and also videos on youtube, I will put here for you to see.

And the story continues

Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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2 comments on “2 month with Carlicek and 28 month with Edie
  1. Evi says:

    Zlati- mas krasnych chlapov!!!:)kiez by som mala tak 2 roky- do jedneho z nich by som sa urcite zamilovala:)hehehe

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