3 month Carlitos and life changing Eduardo

3 month Carlito and 2 years and 5 month Edie

Such a simple to count their age if both of them were born in the same date 🙂 But that is how it should I guess. Although I am still thinking about the third one, but let see, what the future will tell and also my body will accept.

So lets go to the point, how my guys, your little friends and grandsons are growing an improving.


his last weight was 5,8Kg and he had 61 cm while having check up in 2nd month, so I guess since he is more heavy now and he is wearing clothes with the labels for 3-6 month and they seems to be small that he grown too as well. I went with him to doctor and he had 6,7 Kg and 62 cm.

  • Carlitos got registred as VEnezuelan. SO his official name for Venezuela is Carlos Enrique Botero Vaskova…….imagine that, because according to Latino standards kids are getting surname of mom 🙂
  • During the month he gor 3 in one vaccination. Which means that he got vaccinas 1. part of hexavaccination, then agains pneumococks and also  drops agains the rotaviruses (those are bad dirrhoeas types, because of what kids used to stay in the hospital because of deshidratacion).
  • Carlito is in general unbelievable talkative, I got one video which I will put here and you will laught, because he is trying to talk all the time. With his grrrrrrrrr, uhhhhh, ahhhhhh, he looks like he is having regural chat with us. He likes to comment things and when he hears some music he used to calm down and is silent. So for me it is obvious that he will like music as well as Eduardo. And even when I am singing him, he used to calm down.
  • Carlito is not crying baby at all. He has its moments but in general terms he used to smiles and he is terribly curious. He already hold his head very well, so while I am carying him in the carrier he is turning his head to be able to see everything what is happening around him.
  • If anybody comes closer, and smiles at him he gives him smile back. with his huge dark eyes he is very lovely and with his smile over whole face he looks like little angel. I know that every mom has its angel but Carito is my special one 🙂
  • Carlito tries to turn also, I am just waiting maybe next month it will come. He is pushing himself out of the place where I used to put him, so I guess he will try to move himself soon too. Lets see.
  • He is chewing his hands quite a lot, but he is refusing dummy so again mum’s breast is the best :). And regarding to the amount of salivas which he is producing I guess that some teeth are on the way………no way 🙂
  • He is learning finally to drink from bottle. He is quite successful which makes me happy. He is drinking only mother’s milk, so far he did not have anything else and I hope I will keep feeding him. But sometimes because of business I need to run away for a while and it is good that my mom and especially Carlos can take care of him and feed him.
  • He enjoyes to be swinged in our home swing, same as Eduardo, and cries while going in the car, same as Eduardo. We were wondering with Carlos, how come that our babies cries in the car, because we heard that babies should sleep there. BUT NOT OURS!
  • Carlitos is sleeping nice during the night. He is with me in the bed for some time, but when he falls a sleep around 9 or 10pm I used to put him to his bed and he is able to sleep there until 2 or 3am, whihch is good time for me to do my own things or rest 🙂 He also enjoyes morning naps with Carlos. They are very cute I think.

Carlito already went with me to many business mtgs, so I guess that I will grown from him some sales man. Since he attended many sales mtgs 🙂 but that is faaaar faaaaar future 🙂

And in general I could see that he is very resistent against Edies love attacks. Edie loves his brother very much, so sometimes he rolls over him, he kisses him nearly to his death and tries to play different death games with him.  But in general he used to call me when Carlito is crying. He tries to take care of him and if we are together he tries to play with him too 🙂 they are simple cute and creates nice folk.

Picture gallery:


His biggest success for this month was that he learned finally not to wear diapers and started to tell us for pee and pooh:)

During the time he is growing into the draculito man as we call him. He is very but very active and I think he is missing kinder. he needs to be walked outside for few hours per day or he is able to destroy house. but that is natural i guess.

He is very in love with all kids and also Carlito. he takes care of him and also wants lots of attention from me. Especially mornings are ours. When rest of the house is sleeping and he used to wake me up around 6 or 7am we go to have breakfast together and have caressing and hugging time. After I have to spend lots of time with Carlito.

He likes other kids a lot and whenever we are he loves to play with them. He loves sand yards and lego. His favourite toys are bagres and bulldozers. While seeing them on the street he is able to get lost. He forgets the world and he is able to be watching them for long time.

Edie loves to be taking things out of the shelfs and he does the mess around but he understands very well if he needs to clean its mess.   There is just sometimes fight to do it.

He has many days moaning time. If he wakes up with his bottom first, then his hard to turn his mood, but can be managed too. by constant action. I let him cook with me, to clean, wash dishes, go fir shopping etc. I just need to make him bussy.

Edie has lot of fun with talking like “deda kakadak” – grandfather truck, kocicka, mysicka, he started to say colors and trying to mix czech and spanish. It is fun.

Edie is still very active, now even more and more. I’m spending with him lot of time outside just to spend his energy.

He is very much momy boy again. He wants me to do everything for him and he loves to be caressed and cared in general.

And now better than any words are better videos:

Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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