Going from Fat to fit – home receipt 1

From Fat to Fit

so called “Fast home Golden recepies”

It is long time ago since I was thinking that I should started to put all my fast home recepies on the web. Most of my friends knows me as passionate chef coock and big experimentator. Since I have traveled through 3 continents I have tried many cousines what enriched my coulinary world.

Mostly I will speak about kids food, which is fast, healthy, colourfull and cheap. Compare to the jar food which is hell expensive for me and the taste……..you know all the time the same. Without special mum’s touch and love. Because non of the industrial process can replace home coockig for me. And what is the most important for me. I am cooking with Edie and he is such cuious guy that he is wathich under my hands and cooking with me.

Risoto with cheese and ham


  • oil – one big spoon
  • onion
  • rise – one cup (100ml)
  • water (double amount to rise)
  • 100 g cheese (chedar, eidam) – hard cheese which you like
  • 3 slices of ham – one for kids better (it has lower amount of salt) – ham can be replaced easily by any kind of meat (chicken, minced pork or beef)


  1. 1 Big Spoon (BS) of oil let heat up, add choped onion and let it fired a bit 1-2 min, then add rise and put twise as much amoutn of water than you put rise. Let it boiled according to the type of rise, usually it itakes about 15 min if long grain if parboiled type then cca 20 min.
  2. In the meanwhile great the cheese and ham cut on small peaces (if you have meet you need to prepare it before. It is up to you how you like it. Chicken can be boiled, the other minced meet you can fry them with little bit of onion first and then put a bit water to biled it until it became soft, if needed put more water.)
  3. When rise is done, and other ingredientes prepared just mixed everything together. Cheese will nicely melt and will give to to whole food nice texture. You can cut any kind of vegetable your kid likes. Edie he loves tomatoes, which givs to food nice colour and give them on the plate around. You can create nice colourful border.

And whole dish is done. Fast, cheap and healthy.

Time of preparation : cca 15-20 min

Since last time I was speaking about big world nightmare which is obesity I would love to teach Edie to cook and be able to eat healthy, still tasty and fast. There is no deal of teaching our kids to survive in today’s world of fast food, E additives chemicals and bad dietary habits.

Advice: Guide your child through early childhood. Let him try all the different kids of food, vegetable and fruits and especially those which you do not like. Support him to try, make fun, play and decorate the plate if your baby does not want to eat. Do not let them to learn to eat chips, sticks, fast food in general, sweets before proper meal, sweet sparkling beverages rather than simple plain water.

Remember: Anyway everything fast food is more expensive and less stuffy, if you do not trust me, just try to count in monetary units and amount of portion how much “goldie risoto” costed and compare it with one hamburger, french fries and one coca cola…………hmmmm


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