Fathers hug…..

I am going to talk about the most treasures hug in the world…………..FATHERS HUG

And do you wonder why? Because this magical hug means that:

  • our son stops crying and falls asleep 🙂

  • mother became calmer after the sleepless night

My son reached 7 weeks of his age. In those weeks we came through different periods of his development. I have to confess that he is changing every day and thanks to this fact I was not able to apply a single pattern for his behavior. But little by little I start to understand more clearly his signals. But what I want to point out here in this post is a simple fact about our small baby, who became the sunshine of our life, that he is already aware of who is mother and who is father. We have endless amount of proofs that he is able to distinguish between the two of us clearly. And what I was wondering which stimulus are given to him, that he is able to recognize his parents in this early age.

What I can say from my own experience is that he is definitely able to feel that “MUM” means “MILK” and DADDY not. He knows that if he is hungry that he will get milk from me and also if there is something what is making him sad or tired that my breast is the “harbor” which will always calm him down. But I also I realized that he is able to simply abuse my nipples whenever he feels like chewing something and he hates the dummy, so the only thing to chew is my nipple and as a bonus he knows that he will get some milk shake 🙂

So what we discovered with his father is that if he start to be impatient because of being tired or overstimulated, then a good calming process is either simple fathers swinging hugs or a combination of fathers arms together with jumping movement on the gym ball…………….. I can ensure you that your baby will fall a sleep immediately.

Sometimes I could stand on my head and do whatever I could to calm our son down, but nothing worked. Sometimes I think he is trying to proof  my patience and also how much cry I can stand till I will offer him my “milk bar”. But in fathers hands he does not smell milk and he feels comfortable and safe so he usually falls a sleep easily and fast.

So my advise is that if you are sure that your baby is feeded, that his dipper was changed, that he is comfortable with teperature, that he does not suffer from gases but he is still crying then put him into the arms of father and let them for a “man to man”  talk 🙂

Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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