Do you know what is the best present for infant?

Box with presents

If you think that is difficult to satisfy your baby then you are very mistaken. Specially for infants under the age of one you will make them totally happy if you surround them with lot of boxes which are nicely wrapped into the paper and tight with ribbon. As I saw my darling he was able to have a fun 3 times longer with the unwrapping of the box than with the present itself.

No wonder that there are many parents having hard time before Christmas. They are chasing” The present” for their kids. But really do not make it more difficult for yourself if it can be so simple :). Have fun with your baby rather than more wrinkles on your front head.

And Do you know what is the best present for grandma?

Try to guesssssss 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear readers!

I wish for new year many great comments from your side and I promise that I will bring to your life also nice articles full of learning, fun and personal experience!


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Young always smiling mom of 2 boys . Finished her master degree at the Economical University in Brno (Czech Republic) country in the heart of Europe. Heading new life stage with a brand new role in my future life career. I have been working for student NGO AIESEC, playing accordion for 11 years, swimming as a competitive mono flip swimmer, singing in a teenage choir and joining different hobbies when any opportunity appeared. I love traveling and exploring new countries so that's why I have been studying abroad (Finland, Thailand), working abroad (Estonia) and daddy of my kids is from Venezuela :). I am a passionate dancer too. Now working for various projects, passionate about a vegan diet.

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2 comments on “Do you know what is the best present for infant?
  1. Jana says:

    Zlati, Tobe taky vse nej do roku 2010. Moc rada vidim, jak Edik krasne roste a jak si uzivas rodicovstvi. Drzim pesti, at v tomto roce jde vse alespon tak dobre, jak v minulem, hlavne hodne zdravi a pohody. Pusu Jana

    • zlatavaskova says:

      jeee moc dekuji. Je to az neuveritelne, jak rychle ten cas leti. Ani se nenadejeme a uz bude slavit pristi mesic svuj prvni rok. Ufffff s takovou nas za chvilku bude cekat zadelavka na jeho sestricku 🙂

      Pusu a rodiicovstvi zdaaaaaaar!

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