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Happy end of the old year and welcome in the new year 2013

 Happy new year 2013 my dear friends  

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Kids start to learn from the point where we as parents just finished

Learning point Have you ever thought about the learning speed in which are kids learning? And how they are learning? There were written tons of books and notes in the internet. But I was just thinking a bit more about

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Carlitos talking

Dear friends its time to write few lines again. It has been long time ago since I did not share with you what is new. And now I can see that many things happened. And just because our memory is

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Carlitos story board of the age 1 year and 4 month

Year and 4 months that is time worth to say another part of Carlitos life story Dear family, readers and friends. I have  been sooo busy last recently that I did not have much time to write what is going

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Kids friendly restaurants in Prague,

Hi dear parents,  After long search I have done I decided to put together all different search findings about Family friendly restaurants in Prague. And if I mean family friendly I mean where they are really prepared for kids, not

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Family trip to Krkonose (Giant mountains)

Dar friend, family and followers, let me give you some hint for not only family holiday in our beautiful mountain area Krkonoše (Giant mountains). We have spend great week up north and I truly believe that this was amazing time

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For the little BIG boys and their manhood

My willie, muj “vilik” I decided to wrote some funn stuff here and just to relax from serious life going around me. I was just having infront of my eyes naked Eduardo which was exploring his “manhood” as little young

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Intro of companies making creative toys for kids

Creativity…..the most amazing thing in human being life I love creative people who are able to stand out of the crowed and come up with something new special and beneficial for the rest of society. Today within the kids day

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TELL ME WITH WHOOM YOU SPEND YOUR TIME AND I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE  ………. That is actually fraze I did not want to believe for long time..until I saw how importnat is to meet right people in

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I am ONE year old boy Carlitos

Imagine history goes over and over again And one year after I am writing again that my son is ONE year old. But now this story will be all devoted to Carlitos. My little big angel. How it started: Some

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