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How to cope with diarrhoeia in case of kids

Sickness case: Kids DIARRHOEIA    I am not writing oftenly about the sickensses of Edie,  because in reality he is very healthy child and he does not need muchdoctor attention. Which is great.But sometimes like in this case he ate something

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17 and 18 month Edie’s life story

Yeah and I am again here with latest news for you Mum who never sleeps and sneaks her sons activities 🙂 Now, really I have such amazing things for you to share ,because Edie made big improvements in last two

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Going from Fat to fit – home receipt 1

From Fat to Fit so called “Fast home Golden recepies” It is long time ago since I was thinking that I should started to put all my fast home recepies on the web. Most of my friends knows me as

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Obesity….. the biggest boogie man of 21st century – Guess WHY?

“Who does not have time to exercise, it has enought time to be sick.” (Kdo nemá čas na to, aby cvičil, má dost času na to, být nemocen). Ghandhí I was thinking a lot recently walking on the street with

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Why not to be worry to do different activities with your kids

Because they love it! Because they are curious! Because our mind is more fragile then body of our kids and our fear is bigger than their passion to explore! I need to share with you again. There have been some

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