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Edie and his 22-23 month report

Almost 2 years anniversary I want to wrap up Eide the most biggest improvements and also share with you some fun stories, because there are planty of things happening and I could be writing each day some story and I

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Time without daddy Carlos

Time without daddy title sounds sad but time is not said. I was just about to say few words about it to ensure all our close once that we are fine and managing. More to say is that since Carlos left, and

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Kids cough and tips for cure

Cough, sneezing, running nose These and many other effects has the flue. Virus illness which is bothering most of the European population in this time. Because weather is changing, we are moving from warm homes to the coldness outside. And

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How to teach your baby to cook?

Cooking and eating with Edie There is not such a think like that. They are just there with you and if you want to avoid your kids in the kitchen you will be rather punished by them than you will

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To play with your child is better than to spend hours in psychoterapist

Game against the nerve’s problems I just want to share with you one finding which I did, and I would be happy to let you think about it and share your opinion. I have found that that if I am

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Christmas time in wild wild central Europe

Christmas and New Year’s Eve, what a special days in the year. We are living ordinary 24 hours day but with special filling of it. We try to be nicer, we try to be together, we try to do more

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