Čokoládová buchta na plech “brownies” – VEGAN

Přátelé dnes zase v češtině 🙂

Někteří z Vás mě znají, že vaření bez receptů je mojí radostí a vášní a proto jsem před návštěvou za mojí kamarádkou upekla něco málo k zakousnutí k odpolední kávě.

A protože se můj hokus pokus povedl a na přání svého muže, jsem i zaznamenala recept, můžete vařit s námi 🙂


Ani kapička těsta nesmí přijít na zmar 🙂

Do mísy si smíchejte následující ingredience:

  • 350 ml kokosového mléka (může být i jiné, ale já vařím předně z kokosového)
  • 60 g oleje (jakýkoliv, já použila řepkový)
  • 1/2 menší cukiny (130 g) – nastrouhat nahrubo
  • 80 g čokolády (já použila belgickou, nastrouhané hobliny)
  • 40 g kakaa práškového
  • 250 g hl mouky (použila jsem klasickou bílou)
  • 50 g mouky celozrné (špaldovou, ječnou etc.)
  • 1 balíček prášku do pečiva (bez fosfátový, vinný kámen)
  • 35 g vanilkového cukru se skořicí
  • 105 g rýžového sirupu (klidně dejte více i za cukr vanilkový)
  • 40 g sezamových semínek

Těsto máte moc řídké? – přidejte mouky. Těsto je moc husté – přilejte rošku mléka, nebo vody, nebo oleje – těsto by mělo být husté – ale z mísy by jste jej měli vylít na plech, nikoliv kydat jako maltu.

Rozehřejte si troubu na 200°C. Pak jsem si vysypala plech (mám i speciální sprej na pečení, který používám místo vysypávání plechu) – plech se vysypává následovně (vymažete si jej olejem, máslem-veganským a pak nasypete mouku nebo polentu nebo rozemlěté vločky a celou plochu plechu pokryjete moukou/polentou/vločkami). Následně vylijete těsto na plech, stěrkou rozprostřete a plech vložíte do rozehřáté trouby  a jak vložíte buchtu do trouby stáhněte teplo na 180°C a pečte 20 min.


A vualááááá 🙂

Dobrou chuť


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Vegan nutrition? – YES or NO or WHY Not?

Did you ever wonder why we eat meat? – I did not for many years

Have you ever got a comment from your parents while saying: “Mom I am full, can I leave the dish”? – Yes, you can, plus just finish the meat, you can leave the potatoes/salad/rice …

Have you ever wondered why we are mainly eating animals (from industrial production) which are vegans? (pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, goats………… (why we do not eat for example dogs, cats, lions, etc.)

I had many questions regarding this so I searched and found this new movie  Food Choices 2016 documentary from moviemaker Michal Siewierski who answered for me:

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.06.31.png

  1. If I stop eating meat products and dairy products – what will I be left?
  2. Is in a vegan diet any possible health damage or malnutrition?
  3. How am I going to get B12 vitamin?
  4. How will I feel?
  5. Will I starve or improve my health?
  6. Is plant base diet expensive or more economical instead?

Many of these questions I already answered to myself some time ago thanks to our home transmission of dietary habits, I saw the improving health, economy, energy gain and also general personal feeling.  The rest I was happy to hear and get confirmed by the nowadays world leading nutritional specialist, doctors, and scientist.

Would you ever eat your own child or friend? – This question sounds brutal even to me but do not take me wrong……..BUT ………..Why do we eat kids and friends of some other species? (calf from a cow, chicken from a hen and so on….)

Have you ever wondered as I am wondering now?screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-10-49-46


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Veggie world

On the visit in Berlin – VEGGIE WORLD FESTIVAL


I just came from a Berlin – international mecca of a modern Veganism. I was glad to have this opportunity just escape from Prague and travel there to gain interesting experience:

  • Visitors over there were not “hippies ” like it used to happen over here while visiting vegan festivals – they were common public
  • There were many attendees on the spot – wow I did not expect to queue to get in 🙂 – here we have to usually invite people to come to see our community not that people will be waiting and being curious enough (that will though happen in the future as I can sense it)
  • Many interesting shops, products, people – I was happy to meet only Czech Company Rawito with Vlastis – great to see also our guys to be presenting abroad our products
  • In the same time I have learned that Veggie World is an NGO which CEO is the Sebastian Joy (the husband of Melanie Joy – I strongly recommend her TED TALK “Beyond Carnism”)

So counting that I am very proud of myself and feel privileged to be a vegan and I hope that through a group effort we will demonstrate the whole world that the veganism is a beautiful was of lifestyle – healthier, more economic, more human and rational.




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Good bye Tapioca Project

Time of goodbye came!

Some of you will say.: WHAT?….Wait a moment, What did you say?

I am saying, that came a time of change.

Simply we did not think in the same direction anymore, and since the trust between the franchisor and franchisee was gone it was a time to move on.

What I gave to this project:


I gave to the tapioca distribution part of my soul, passion and nearly 2 years of my life.

The distribution started on 18. 2. 2015 while I bought my first 100 tapioca puddings and went to the first store here in Prague to present it (Bio Smíchov) – I was received with smile and tenderness and curiosity 🙂

Step by step, while going around the Prague and finding new places, approaching them and by taking decision of taking on board another distributors (mommies as me, on maternity, leave having the passion for doing more than just changing diapers to our lovely babies 🙂 we increased the demand so much that Brno central production place proposed us to start our own production.

A couple of weeks and thanks to our lovely network we found the place to start producing. With having no idea what does it mean to be also gastro producers we jump into this field as well.

What it ment?……….Wake up at 5 am on Sunday, take your team (which you have found, taught  and organized before) and spend around 12-14 hours in production. Keep cooking without stopping, then decorating every desert, put a lid and labels. Store it in the fridge and get ready for distribution. Saturday – the day before – prepare paperwork, invoices (put them to the system – cca 60-80, item by item), print them, prepare distributional roads for every delivery guy (which you had to find before) and make sure they will have everything prepared for smooth delivery – road map, invoices, order sheets.

After production keeps eye on the stock, hygiene, people management, equipment……….than after delivery, check if everything was OK, solve any claims, questions, new orders, reply to satisfied clients and in the spare time keep finding new clients.

Keep doing this day by day without stopping and you found that your network is growing, more and more people knows about you, that your team grew to 15 people, that you do regular turnover, that you work 6-7 days in a week and even you are tired you feel that this product makes the difference on the market.


What I gained?

Priceless experience about trade, whole sale, distribution, invoicing process, logistics preparation-organization – hand on experience in the terrain, organization of sales team – developing own CRM system, rules for communication, distribution comision system, marketing – creating of new materials, advertising on the events, planning and being part of the event team, sales – be in the field – building the network, geting feedback, speaking to end clients, custommer support, improving our services –>developing new product based on the field demand, production – going through the whole production process, ordering and comunication with suplyers, storaging goods, keeping production stock, planning shopping, producing and cooking (hours spend in the production goind through whole process of the products creation).People – management of the people, planning their shifts, organizing their work, managing their payrolls. Distribution network – that was the most exciting part for me to find and be part of their weekly lifes, to see how they are building their client base, to see and be part of their ups and downs and mainly their life stories.

Thank you for all of that because now is the time to build my own project based on this and previous experiences.

Everything what may seem painfull now will pay back in the future


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Where is the switch?

Internal switch


What do I mean?

I was just recently wondering – where is the internal switch of independency. What is the real reason for the child to decide – MOM, I have enough of your care and I want to be on my own. And they start to be on their own, they start to do things on their own…..just perfect.

It is sooooo nice and comfortable when they start to use this life posture. And it is one of the moments when I start to feel again free.

And how you will recognise that this switch is “ON”? Simply……your child (in my case Carlitos, 4,5 years old) starts to use his MOM let me…..I will do it on my own. MOM…I will run faster to the kinder and change my close on my own. MOM!!…let me tight my shoe laces on my own….etc.

And you know what! The hardest part in the end is to LET THEM DO THE THINGS ON THEIR OWN!…….Uffff after so many years being behind their backs NOW is the time to forget it and let them go.

I remember smart words of my mother in law. She said once to me: “Zlata! Kids are borrowed to us only for short time! Enjoy now! Because soon they will grow and you need to let them go!”……And this phrase “MOM, I WANT TO DO THIS ON MY OWN!” is for me just first step and practice of this smart life truth. :)……I am sad and happy at once.

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Time for sport

Skying and learning to sky

I just came from the mountain trip with my kids and believe me that was great.

I have learned a lot in past week and again I confirmed the life truth that everything has its own time.


What do I mean by that?

Eduardo (nearly 7 years old) he will have his Bday in couple of days since now. I put him on the sky. He was so passionate about this that he overcame his first fear in couple of down hill slides. And after he just simply followed my advices. In about 5 round he was able to slide the hill on his own. I was astonished. The day was not that nice, rainy and really wet…….but if you love to learn and you have passion for the action nothing matters. I was already asking him to go for cup of tea or hot soup but he refused and instead staid on the hill learning on his own. In couple of more round he was able to turn, stop and slide down fully independently…..WOW mom not needed…..It was my time for hot tea. After 4 hours skying non-stop I made him stop by invitation for good pancakes (my best bribe ever) He was totally wet from the rain but soooo happy that he learned to sky. Simple and nice.

The second day Eduardo’s grandpa took him to the big hill to slide down from bigger slope and he managed nicely as well. And in couple of days he was sliding down like a “dragon”…..no fear, high speed 🙂

Contrary I could see Carlitos (4,5 years old) I took him to sky as well……….what did I got? moaning, crying, protesting, yelling etc…..simply MOM THIS IS NOT MY TIME!!!……he was enjoying his bob sliding and some skis did not matter at all. No passion No action.

So My advice from real life: KEEP PASSION IN THE ACTION AND YOU WILL GET HAPPY CHILD LEARNING VERY FAST……..enjoy doing sport with passion 🙂

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Written school review vs. poor notes

Did you get the same questions from your friends and parents regarding your kids as first year schoolers?

How is his school review? What are his marks?


And I say……..Pardon? Why do you want to know his marks? What does that tell you?….subjective evaluation of the teacher? Does any mark from any course tell you what the child really remembers?…..Of course NOT!!

Imagine….Eduardo passed his first half school year and now I got his resume. It is such a wonderful story worth to read and I am really glad that in his school they do not use just simple marks. I would love to read my resume too instead of seeing one huge mark. …….well I know you would say. But marks tell you also how is he going in the school. But I would say NO. Until you will obtain your first written evaluation instead of poor marks, you will not understand……

Just read with me now :)……and enjoy

I would wish all of you the same laugh and smiles on the faces of your grandparents and friends when they were reading or listening this “resume story” 🙂

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Emoce řídí naše zdraví

Minulou noc jsem sledovala záznam z online přednášky Jiřím Vokáčem Čmolíkem a s panem MUDr. Josefem Jonášem  na téma Restart emove a jak emoce ovlivňují naše životy.

Doropučuji si tento celý bezplatný záznam poslechnout, protože každý z nás si tím odnese své do života podle témat, která právě řeší. Nic méně, postupně mi zapadají střípky mozaiky s ohledem na Edíka i Carlíčka a jejich emoční dopady na jeich zdraví.

Jednoduchá rovnice:

emotionsEdík (6, prvorozený) = pytlík emocí, pořád se zmítá nahoru a dolů, velmi vše prožívá, tmelič rodiny, pořád nám dává najevo lásku slovně i fyzicky, rád se mazlí, musí mít jasno – kam jdu, s kým a kdy se vrátím. Otázky typu “Maminko kam jdeš? A přijdeš? A musíš tam jít? A budeš s námi doma? ……jsou na denním pořádku, je více vztahovačný, bere si věci k srdci. Je zodpovědnější, často se stydí za věci které neumí a bojí se je pak dělat. Potřebuje naši podporu a podanou ruku. ==> přetrvávající obtíže se zánětem dutiny nosní, bolesti hlavy, zánětlivý polyp v oušku, 4x operovaný v nemocnici

rukaviceCarlíček (4, druhorozený) = malý rebel, emočně je ve většině momentech nad věcí. Snáší lépe mé odchody. Také se rád mazlí, ale je tvrdohlavější. Při požádání reaguje málo, až při zvýšení hlasu se donutí něco udělat. Vždy nahodí obličej jako my při pubertě….”Matko, s čím mě to otravuješ!”, více odmlouvá a vzteká se. ==> celkově zdravé dítě, sem tam chřipka, ale za 2 dny se vždy vyléčí, žádná vážnější onemocnění, zranění, zdravá pleť

A teď když si to tak srovnám, děti mají stejné rodiče, ale úplně jiný přístup k životu jak po fyzické tak emoční stránce A pomalu ale jistě mi dává smysl jak limbický otisk, tak i přednáška na kterou vás zvu



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Edík milovník – Eduardo Casanova :)

Spring time, love time

There has never been the greates time for love. There simply is great day every day. Our son Eduardo is 6 years old and starts to Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 09.45.38understand more and more what means to love or more “care” for somebody. What the feeling means? I am just open observer about what feeling of the young man for some “young girl”, ok her name is Sofia :), can do with him.

Since my boys were born I gave myself task to be open to any topic they will propose. Some of them are very interesting and I am happy that I serve them as a guide through their new experiences. The fact that they are open and want to share with me is the best give ever.

Result is, that Eduardo shared with me his passion for your blonde girl, name Sofia in the kindergarten and wanted to prepare love letter for her………and how it ended up?

Have a look 🙂

20150516_083118 20150516_083127 20150516_084835

Curiously he even knew where to go for my lipstick 🙂

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Prezentace tapioca pudingu na festivalu

Přátelé, vím že mnozí z vás neví,

ale jsem výhradním distributorem vinikajícího lahodného tapioca pudingu a budeme jej prezentovat také při festivalu o porodnictví a rodičovství ted v Praze od pátku 22. do neděle 25. 5.

Přijďte si za námi nejen pochutnat ale také načerpat nová témata z oblasti rodičovství a respektu k porodu.

Tímto vám i představuji náš nový banner. Chci tím i poděkovat Tomáši Kůrkovi za jeho rychlou a skvělou práci a rychlost tiskařské firmy Akcent s.r.o. s jejich úžasnou sales manažerkou Kateřinou Hutnik

No a toto je výsledkem naší práce:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 09.24.43

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 09.25.26

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